This month, we’ll be discussing the idea of Lean In.

The following questions will be discussed over the course of the month:

1. What does the term “Lean In” mean to you?
– Have you heard of it related to the feminist movement?
2. How might “Leaning into it” be beneficial?
– How might “Leaning into it” backfire?
3. What are some alternatives to “Leaning into it”?
4. What are some things you are currently leaning into or being told to lean into?
5. Why might Leaning into it be easier for some people than others?
6. What are some personal or workplace policies that should exist to support or discourage the concept of Leaning into it?


And here are a few articles relating to the topic; these aren’t required reading, but are available if you’d like to have some extra background before contributing to the discussion.

Leaning in at work and at home: why workplace policies matter

Why Sheryl Sandberg’s call to ‘lean in’ is about working smarter, not harder

What Does “Leaning In” Mean for Working Moms?

The end of leaning in: How Sheryl Sandberg’s message of empowerment fully unraveled

As always, our buzzes take place weekly at Woods Coffee locations around the area.  We meet Tuesdays from 8:30-9:30am at the Barkley Woods, Wednesdays at 7:30-8:30am at the Boulevard Woods, Wednesdays from 8:00-9:00am at the Downtown Woods, and Thursdays from 7:30-8:30am at the Bakerview Woods.
All the buzzes will discuss the same topics, so feel free to pick the one that best suits your schedule!